Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Dynamesh Sketch

This is one thing I've missed doing, starting with a sphere or the demo head in Zbrush and just messing around for about an hour to warm up in the morning.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015


working on some goatman concepts and forms for a tabletop game. I'm not sure I can post anything until the game release other than rough works and concepts but I like the head I came up with a little while ago, hopefully I will get to take it further.

Time off

I have taken some time off work to build a new portfolio and try one more time to get a job in the industry... it's been over 2 years since I graduated and my wife is pushing for me to call it quits on the whole videogame thing and just accept that I wasted my money and time going back to school.

I started blocking out some simple characters to get back in the groove before I make some higher end things I've got planned out.

Found an old character

Found an old character for a snowboarding app that didn't get made... it would have been nice to see that game finished. Model, normals, rig by me...I'm pretty sure my friend Demi did the textures because her name is on the bottom of the snowboard.