Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Street Ninja ememy WIP

Last night I decided to make a character the old way with absolutely no zBrush for some practice. Man I forgot how tedious that can be. Anyway main body for one of the "bobo" type enemies I knocked out last night. When maya crashed during UV work I called it a night.

Friday, September 18, 2015

revolver shotgun idea

fun little shot gun with can and detachable bowie I blocked out

Unity asset pack

I've never made anything for the Unity asset store so I was going to try getting four versions on one texture sheet to lower draw calls for secondary or tertiary characters on screen. Basically all the same dude with armour changes.

Samurai Mage wip

Trying to find the right balance for armour, I think it should be more humble since he is a mage/ monk warrior.

Quick Concepts

some quick concepts I did for mobile game that was cancelled after 2 days to make a match three game instead. I had just started to play with retopping one of them for animations when the project was dropped.